Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Ten Books We Want To Read This Summer

It's Tuesday and time for a Top Ten list! We had a wonderful time on Sunday at Barnes & Noble spending some gift cards and getting excited about all the great books we want to read this summer. The list below is mostly Jamie's list (my fourteen-year old son), but I plan to read some of these. too. It includes the books he bought on Sunday, as well as some new releases we'll be receiving for review. And I notice that every single book is part of a series! I think that says something about the way books for kids and teens are published now. Anyway, here's our list:

Top Ten Books We Want To Read This Summer:

  • The Farsala Trilogy by Hilari Bell – one of Jamie’s favorite fantasy series
  • The Night of the Soul Stealer and Attack of the Fiend by Joseph Delaney (Books 3 and 4 of The Last Apprentice)
  • The Wave Walkers series by Kai Meyer
  • Maximum Ride – School’s Out Forever by James Patterson
  • Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz (Book 2 of The Gatekeepers series; Book 4 was released in April)
  • The Immortal Fire by Anne Ursu (Book 3 in the Chronus Chronicles)
  • Sacred Scars by Kathleen Duey (sequel to Skin Hunger , The Resurrection of Magic series)
  • Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix (sequel to Found in The Missing series)
  • Last Battle of the Icemark by Stuart Hill (book 3) – another of Jamie’s favorite series of all time!
  • The Pilgrims of Rayne by D.J. MacHale (Book 8 in the Pendragon series) – this series is so good, I bought book 8 for myself! Book 10 was recently released.
What are YOU looking forward to reading this summer?


Anne U. said...

A wonderful list! I don't know some of these and will have to check them out.

Andrea said...

Oh I love the Maximum Ride series. I'm looking forward to the sequel to Graceling and to The Dust of 100 Dogs, which I'm about to start.

BTW, I have an award for you. :)