Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Monday 10/5! What Are You Reading?

Every week, I participate in J. Kaye's Book Blog What Are You Reading Mondays feature on my adult book blog, Book By Book, so I decided to extend the fun and participate with this blog as well. Each week, I'll share with you not only which kid, teen, or YA books I'm reading, but also what the rest of my family is reading.

This past week:
  • I read Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, the sequel to The Hunger Games. Jamie, my 15-year old son, waited impatiently for me to finish it so he could read it next! It's worth the wait. I'll post a review here later this week.
  • Jamie finished T.H. White's classic King Arthur tale, The Once and Future King. He really enjoyed the Merlin TV series this summer, so he was eager to read this book.
  • Jamie also read The Circle of Gold by Guillaume Prevost, the third and final book of the time-traveling adventure, The Book of Time trilogy. He and I have both enjoyed this series very much, and Jamie says the last book is excellent. I'm next!
  • My 11-year old son, Craig, is reading Song of the Wanderer by Bruce Coville, the second book in The Unicorn Chronicles series. Craig loves Coville's books, and this series is no exception. Some of his male classmates teased him a bit last year for reading a book about unicorns...until they read it themselves! It's an exciting fantasy adventure.
  • My husband (who just finished Catching Fire while I waited impatiently!) is now reading Inkspell by Cornelia Funke, the second book in the Inkheart series. He's been meaning to read the rest of this series for ages and was motived to get back to it when we saw the Inkheart movie recently. Jamie tells us that Inkspell is even better than Inkheart.
So, lots of great books for kids and teens this week!

What are YOU reading this week?


Anonymous said...

I like how you are telling the titles of what your entire family is reading. Fun!

Andrea said...

Great reads by everyone. I'll have to check out that Unicorn Chronicles series. Happy reading to all!

Jennifer said...

Fun week! I do adore tales of King Arthur. Happy Reading! Mine is here:

Marie said...

I must say that Catching Fire was just as compelling as Hunger Games!