Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Monday 1/25! What Are You Reading?

I've been busy reading two grown-up books for two different book groups this past week, but the rest of my family enjoyed some good books:
  • Jamie, 15, finished Raven's Rise, book 9 in the fabulous Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale. He said it was insane (that's good), filled with lots of twists he didn't see coming. Now he's one book ahead of me, so I'll have to get to this one soon!
  • Jamie started The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, a Christmas gift from us. We must be the last family on earth who hasn't read this award-winning book yet!
  • Craig, 12, finished Dark Whispers, book 3 in his favorite Unicorn Chronicles series by Bruce Coville. He says it ended with a cliff-hanger - he can't wait for book 4 to come out! You can read his summary here.
  • My husband, Ken, is reading Brisingr, the third book in Christopher Paolini's trilogy that began with Eragon. I haven't read the series, but it's a favorite of Ken and Jamie.
What books are you and your family reading this week?


Darlyn said...

Hi Sue,

this is probably the 1st time i'm here..

I love the graveyard book (everything by geiman are good) and brsingr too.. hope you'll enjoy this week reading..

Unknown said...

Not the only one who has not read The Graveyard Book - I have not read it yet either! :)

A unicorn series, hmm must check that out, I LOVE Unicorns! :)

Andrea said...

Are they enjoying Brisingr? It wasn't my favorite. Well, happy reading to you all!

Jo said...

I own the first 6 or so Pendragon books, but haven't read any yet.

I haven't read The Graveyard Book either.

And I've never heard of the Unicorn Chronicles, but they sound interesting.

I have Eragon waiting to be read. I've had it out from the library so long...I really need to get a move on that.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read Christopher Paolini's books, only because it's not of interest. Nona & Jimmy have though and they love the books! I watched the movie, but they said too much was left out.