Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Monday 2/20! What Are You Reading?

Whew, what an exhausting weekend after a busy week!  I drove Jamie and I to see our Lyme doctor in New Jersey (about 90 minutes away) on Friday.  Our younger son was in an all-day Academic Quiz Bowl Saturday (he did well and had a great time!), and we had a few friends over last night for a little Mardi Gras celebration.  We usually have a bigger party (we used to live in New Orleans), but with Jamie and I so sick lately, we decided to stick to a smaller, simpler gathering - just a few close friends who also used to live in New Orleans - you know, the kind of friends you don't have to clean the house for!

Despite the busy week, we all enjoyed our books:
  • This weekend, I finished Breathless by Dean Koontz - my husband was right - I loved it!  It is mystical and surprising and thought-provoking...not your typical Koontz novel.
  • As soon as I finished, I immediately picked up a middle-grade novel I've been wanting to read, The Whisper by Emma Clayton, sequel to The Roar which my son and I both loved.
  • I finished listening to The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore, the teen sequel to I Am Number Four.  I wasn't thrilled with the audio, but it's a good story.
  • I started a new audio, Falling Together by Marisa De los Santos. I enjoyed reading her earlier novel, Love Walked In, and am enjoying this one so far, too.
  • My husband, Ken, is still reading an e-book, Big Lake by Nick Russell, on his Kindle Fire, though I think he is spending much more time playing Solitaire and surfing the web than reading!
  • Ken is also still in the middle of Another Thing to Fall by Laura Lippman, a hardcover novel.
  • Jamie, 17, is still reading Timeline by Michael Crichton, one of my favorites of Crichton's many exciting novels.  He's enjoying it very much.
  • Jamie also finished his World Lit assignment, To Live by Yu Hua, a Chinese novel.  He said it wasn't too bad, for school reading, though it was sad.
  • Craig, 14, started Found, Book 1 of The Missing by Margaret Haddix Peterson, and realized his 5th grade teacher read it aloud to the class (which means he's already taken the AR test), so he had to switch to another book.  He was in the mood for a some comfort reading, a classic Hardy Boys book, so I brought a stack back from the library for him to choose from.  He settled on The Secret of Pirates Hill.
 Last week, I posted a review of The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love by Oscar Hijuelos plus two lists for Valentine's Day: Top Ten Books That Broke My Heart and Top Ten Kids/Teen Books That Broke My Heart.  I also posted my own little homage to A Wrinkle In Time's 50th Anniversary.

What are you and your family reading this week?

(What are you reading Monday is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, and a kidlit version is hosted at Teach Mentor Texts.)


Linda B said...

Still love hearing about all the family reads, and I went back to read the Wrinkle post, one of my favorites too. I've been trying to get my grandson to read it too. Perhaps I'll get lucky & his teacher will assign it! Did you know all the L'Engle books are loosely connected? Nearly all the characters from the Murry/O'keefe series appear in other books. One can read one of the realistic fiction books & tie it into the tesseract books. Really interesting. Thanks for all the book ideas.

Sue Jackson said...

Linda -

No, I didn't know that about L'Engle's books! I do remember some sort of link in The Arm of the Starfish which I assumed was part of the Wrinkle in Time series until I looked up the boxed set for this post and saw it wasn't included. I will have to seek out some of her other books now and look for those connections - how fun!


Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

How are you feeling now? I hope your health is improving every day. As unbelievable as this sounds, I have not read or even heard of most of the books on your list this week. I know, it is shocking! Have a good week! -Anne