Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Ten Posts That Provide a Glimpse of Me

Today is Tuesday, and that means Top Ten Day over at The Broke and the Bookish.  Head on over there to check out all the links to great blogs!  I love making lists, but I haven't had the time to participate in this favorite meme all summer.  Today's topic is Top Ten Posts That I Think Give You the Best Glimpse of Me.  This is an interesting one because most of my posts are either book reviews or Monday What Are You Reading? updates, but I will try to select a nice assortment to give you a better idea of who I am, both personally and as a reader (and writer), and I will include a variety of different types of book reviews.  (NOTE: This blog is just for kids/teen/YA books, so if you are more interested in grown-up books, then head over to my other book blog, Book By Book.)
  • Review: The Underland Chronicles - this was one of the first reviews I posted here, back in 2009, but it remains one of my family's favorite series.  We loved these books long before Suzanne Collins became a household name for The Hunger Games!
  • Review: Three Little Words - one of my few reviews of a teen/YA memoir, this book was powerful and has stuck with me.
  • Review: Alabama Moon - a middle-grade book review and another family favorite!
  • Teen Book Meme - this post - a list of beloved teen books - gives you an overview of what I have read and what I have missed.
  • Review: Prism - a review of both an audio book (which we often enjoy) and a teen/YA novel.  I wrote the review after listening to it on my own but later our whole family listened and loved it!
  • Top Ten Fantasy Series - part of my own Ten for Tuesday feature (before I discovered this one!), this particular Top Ten list was created by my teen son who is an avid reader and often provides input for this blog.
  • Top Ten Books of My Childhood - another of my Ten for Tuesday lists, this one provides some insight into my childhood reading habits.
  • Best Kids/Ten Books Read in 2011 - provides an overview of what I read last year and which books were my favorites.
  • Happy Anniversary to My Favorite Book - a little more insight into favorite childhood books - do you know which iconic kids' book celebrated its 50th anniversary this year?
  • It's Monday 8/6/12! What Are You Reading? - yeah, I know just about everyone writes some sort of weekly wrap-up post, but I think mine is a bit unique because I include what everyone in my family is reading, including the kids.
Oh, shoot, I can only pick 10?  Well, I think those provide a good overview of who I am and what this book blog is all about.


Milda Harris said...

I need to check out The Underland Chronicles. Seems so different from The Hunger Games!

Sue Jackson said...

Milda -

Yes, definitely try The Underland Chronicles! Different than The Hunger Games but with the same Collins' amazing writing! It's a great series - unique, suspenseful, and with a great sense of humor.

Hope you enjoy it!