Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Monday 4/26! What Are You Reading?

It was a dark and stormy Monday...

It is dark and stormy, but I'm feeling much better than I was the past two weeks and am ready for a new week!  Lots of great books read in our house last week:
  • I read a grown-up novel, Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane, which was excellent.  After seeing the recent movie ads for Shutter Island, my husband mentioned that we had the book, so I decided to read it. I haven't read a suspense novel in awhile, so I really enjoyed this dark psychological thriller. Only problem was the chase dreams I had last night!
  • I just started Anything But Typical, a new middle-grade/teen novel written from the perspective of a 12-year old autistic boy.  It's good so far and reminding me a bit of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, a novel told in the voice of a young man who is autistic (also excellent).
  • As he had planned, Jamie, 15, plowed through all 8 books of Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda in a rush of nostalgia for his old favorite series.  He's now moved onto Book 1, Cavern of the Fear, in the Deltora Shadowlands follow-up series.  if you have any middle-grade fantasy lovers in your family, Jamie says they should try the Deltora books.
  • Craig, 12, finished another Hardy Boys book, The Clue of the Screeching Owl.  He especially enjoyed this one when he discovered that one of his favorite Hardy Boys' TV episodes was adapted from this book.
  • I was thrilled to learn that Craig is now reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle for his English class literary circle.  I was an avid reader when I was a kid and had lots of favorite books, but this book - and its sequels - was my all-time,  #1 favorite!  I even played the role of Meg, the main character, in our class play based on the book.  He stayed up past bedtime last night and read all the way to page 60 (his assignment for the whole week), so I think he's enjoying it, too!  If you're a fan of A Wrinkle in Time, too, then you will enjoy When You Reach Me, a recent award-winner by Rebecca Stead that is based on part on A Wrinkle in Time.
  • We finished The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo last week.  Even though my boys are now 12 and 15, they still enjoy bedtime read-alouds.  Our whole family loved this wonderful little novel that we started on our recent vacation.  It inspired me to post a review last week of another amazing DiCamillo book, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.
 So, what books are you and your family reading this week?

P.S. I finally found time to post pictures of our recent spring break road trip to Louisiana.  if you're interested, you can check them out at our road trip blog (scroll down to the April 1, 2010 post to read the entries in order).

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Julie said...

Wow! What a busy week for all of you! I've been contemplating reading Shutter Island but worried it's too scary! I know I didn't want to see the movie based on the advertisements. But I do enjoy suspense novels...

Jan von Harz said...

Oh I do hope Craig enjoys Wrinkle in Time. I loved teaching this one, although I must admit I had to read it a second time to truly sink in and form the admiration I still have for it today. I also enjoyed Shutter Island, haven't seen the movie yet which is fine, I never seem to enjoy the movies as well as the book. Have a great week.

ibeeeg said...

Fantastic list of books.
I am going to read When You Reach Me this coming month. Have never read A Wrinkle In Time, do you think it is necessary that I do before When You Reach Me?

Sue Jackson said...

Julie - I think Shutter Island is more suspenseful than scary. There's lots of action, plus a strong psychological element. There are some gruesome crimes mentioned, but I didn't think it was scary.

ibeeeg - It's not necessary to read A Wrinkle in Time before you read When You Reach Me, but I think you'll enjoy it much more and get more out of it if you do. Besides, A Wrinkle in Time is one of the best kids' books of all time!!


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I am so glad you enjoyed Shutter Island. I thought it was fantastic too!

Thanks for your persistence with Linky today... no idea what is going on there.

Have a great week Sue!

Andrea said...

I just finished Anything but Typical (reviewing on Wednesday). I really liked it.

And I love that your boy likes the old Hardy Boy show. That is so great.

Jennifer said...

I have been wanting to read Shutter Island. A Wrinkle In Time series was one of my favourite young childhood series. I still have them! Happy reading. My Monday:

Unknown said...

It never occurred to me that other authors would write stuff based on A Wrinkle in Time (it really should have now that I think of it), I will have to check that out.