Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Christmas Books!

We had a very nice Christmas here in the Jackson household yesterday, with LOTS of books exchanged as gifts.  There's nothing better than new books for Christmas!  Here's a run-down of the new books that Jamie (16) and Craig (12) got:

Jamie got the next two books in two of his favorite series, plus a cartoon book just for fun:
  • Fang by James Patterson, part of his teen series, Maximum Ride.
  • Erak's Ransom by John Flanagan, Book 7 in The Ranger's Apprentice series.
  • Weiner Dog Art, A Far Side Collection by Gary Larson.
Craig also got a cartoon book, plus the only two books in the world he would probably even consider reading voluntarily (I was so excited to find they'd both been recently released in hardcover):
  • The Last Hunt by Bruce Coville, Book 4 in The Unicorn Chronicles series.
  • The Time Pirate: A Nick McIver Time Adventure by Ted Bell, sequel to Nick of Time.
  • Foxtrot Sundaes: A Foxtrot Collection by Bill Amend.
Craig also enjoys annual world record-type books, so he also got:
  • Scholastic Almanac 2011: Facts and Stats
  • Scholastic Book of World Records 2011
If you're interested in the grown-up books that my husband and I received, check out my other blog, Book By Book.

Hope you had a very merry Christmas at your house and are enjoying your new books!

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