Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Books Read in 2010

It's that time of year again: time to look back at the past year in review.

2010 was a good reading year for me.  I read a total of 81 books in 2010, including:
  • 22 Middle-grade books (7 of these were audio books)
  • 23 Teen/YA books (3 of these were audio)
  • 36 grown-up books
If you're interested in the break-down of adult books I read, check out my post at Book By Book.

I read about the same number of books as in the previous year (just 4 less than in 2009).  I'm working on my Best of 2010 lists and hope to post those soon.

How was your reading year in 2010?

I'm looking forward to more good books in 2011!

1 comment:

Jan von Harz said...

2010 was an great year for you and I am sure that 2011 will be even better. I read a lot more books this year since I first began blogging and I can only hope to continue the trend.