Friday, March 30, 2012

Any Good Audio Book Suggestions?

I am looking for a really good audio book the whole family will enjoy to take on our spring break road trip and would appreciate any suggestions.

My sons are 14 and 17.  They both love adventure and suspense.  One loves fantasy; the other enjoys it sometimes but only if it is really good.  They both enjoy dystopian novels, too, and everyone loves humor.

Some of our past favorites have included:
Any recommendations for this trip??


Leanne said...

Have they read The Hunger Games - the first book is worth listening to.
Tomorrow When the World Began is a popular series.

Carag (can't remember author but on my side bar on goodreads)

Any james Bond books - maybe a bit too hot in places??

Love Leanne

Sue Jackson said...

We have all read Hunger Games, but the rest sound like good suggestions, Leanne! I hadn't thought of considering adult audios, but they are getting older, so that is a definite possibility.

Oooh...maybe something like The Hobbit or another "classic".

Thanks for the ideas!